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Racism: A Direct Attack on the Gospel
by Josiah Smith on June 4th, 2020
"I can't breath." These were the last words of an African American man, a fellow image-bearer of God, before he was killed at the hands of Minnesota police officers. His name was George Floyd. Since his death, the world has erupted into chaos. Peaceful protests quickly turned into deadly and violent riots. Store owners have lost their livelihood. Innocent people have been injured. Some have even l...  Read More
Theology Matters: The Fruits of Good Theology, Part 1
by Tom Bastress on June 1st, 2020
Theology not only teaches us about God, but it also applies Scripture to all areas of our lives. As a result, theology provides certainty, grounding, and hope in our uncertain times.  Read More
Theology Matters: "Why Good Theology Matters"
by Tom Bastress on May 18th, 2020
During this time of physical, emotional, and social uncertainty, we can benefit from the certain truths found in God’s Word. These biblical truths form the foundation of what we know about God, his creation, and his plans for us. When we speak about our knowledge or understanding about God, we are referring to our theology. philosopher, once wrote, “the...  Read More
The Longing for Something Better
by Josiah Smith on May 14th, 2020
COVID-19, if anything, serves to show us a contemporary representation of what we should already know to be true. This world is not what it should be.   Read More
A Christian's Response to Coronavirus
by Josiah Smith on April 28th, 2020
As Christians, it is all-too-easy to "forget our training" when put in positions that challenge us in ways that may be uncomfortable. However, let's be unmistakably clear, God cares about how you respond in the midst of this crisis.  Read More